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Google Display Advertising – Is It Right for You?

Google uses several different networks to distribute its ads. There are two overall primary networks – Search and Display, and each network has a particular way of targeting an end-user. Knowing which network to use for your campaign goals can make your financial investment go further, be more effective, and get a higher return. This blog will examine the Google Display Network, compare it to the Google Search network, and explain the reach, targeting ability, and benefits for advertisers of display ads.

What are Google Display Ads?

Display ads target a passive audience who may not realize they want to buy your product or engage your services. How is this accomplished? Your dedicated paid ads specialist will target users based on data, including demographic details, users who are already looking for your industry’s services, and users who fit your company’s target persona qualifications.

Display ads use a distribution network consisting of over three million websites and apps, including YouTube and Gmail, to distribute ads to about 90% of internet users. These ads passively target users based on their browsing history, demographic information, and current interests.

Search Ads vs. Display Ads

Search ads utilize intent-based, keyword-driven queries to deliver ads across standard search engine result pages (SERPs), Google Maps, and Shopping. Search ads are shown to users actively looking for your product or service in a time of immediate need.

Search ads are driven by active intent, whereas display ads are shown to users based on relevant user information. They are primarily text ads, though Shopping ads use images as well. Display network ads can take the form of text ads, video ads, and static image ads.

Why Display Ads Make Sense

Display ads are an excellent way to reach a targeted audience at an attractive cost to many businesses. While the overall conversion rate for display ads tends to be under 1-2% as a general rule, the reach can be phenomenal, and CPC (cost per click) is so low that the combination gives advertisers far more bang for their buck than search campaigns. Our Google Ads managers have acquired clicks as low as $0.02 for competitive campaigns.

There are many ways that Google display ads can be an asset to your marketing campaign, including –

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Reaching customers at particular points in the sales funnel
  • Maximizing a limited advertising budget

A strategically astute display campaign, combined with an optimized landing page, can generate non-stop, high quality leads for just about any business.

Get Those Visitors Back with Retargeting

Some of the most valuable display ad campaigns engage in what’s known as retargeting. These ads are geared towards users who have engaged with your website in a particular way, such as visiting a high-value page or not filling out a form. By strategically focusing ads on visitors who have already visited your website, you can ensure that your brand stays visible and relevant as users browse competitor sites or research products and services similar to yours. Retargeting ads can be displayed during different points in the sales funnel to help establish trust and authority in your brand, further building your brand’s relevancy and value.

Remarketing funnel

A display ad campaign can be your only form of online advertising, although we typically recommend a more well-balanced, combined search and display ads approach. This way, you can target both active and passive users across a pair of robust advertising networks and take advantage of their overlapping reach.

Display ads are sometimes overlooked because they have a more extended conversion period and don’t always provide the instant gratification of a search campaign. But they can be invaluable when spreading brand awareness, reaching as many users as possible at a highly affordable price point, and establishing a presence in a crowded, competitive market.

Trust Efferent Media to Manage Your Display Ads

Efferent Media has certified Google Display Ad specialists on staff to help your ad campaign acquire high-quality conversions at an affordable price. Display ads, when correctly leveraged, can become a powerful tool in your marketing campaign. To get started, call Efferent Media today at (631) 867-0900 to schedule a chat with our Google Ads rep and learn how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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