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Digital Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

Marketing a chiropractic business requires special knowledge and consideration. HIPAA regulations alone are a concern since the minimum fine for a violation is $50,000.

Striking the right tone is also crucial. The marketing tone for a respected chiropractic office needs to be down-to-earth enough to be friendly but authoritative without being stodgy. Digital advertising can be highly targeted and cost effective but social media platforms – and the Google Ad Network – have strict and everchanging rules for what is and is not allowed. To say it’s difficult to navigate is an understatement.

Tips for Marketing a Chiropractors Office


  1. Consider a digital facelift

  2. When was the last time your website got a fresh look? If it’s been more than three to five years, it’s due for a refresh.

    Is it mobile friendly? If not, then you definitely need to update it. In the third quarter of 2021, 47.74 percent of all United States internet traffic began on mobile devices. That’s an increase from 47.07 percent in the second quarter of 2021… so being mobile friendly is vital.

  3. Create an ideal patient persona

  4. Assuming that you haven’t created an ideal patient persona already. It helps clarify who you are targeting and that will guide how you appeal to them on the internet. Already have one? Review it to see if anything has – or should — change.

  5. Email marketing

  6. Social media algorithms and outages won’t keep prospects and patients from seeing your announcements if you have an email marketing campaign.

    For existing patients, email marketing is a great way to strengthen your relationship with patients and notify them of new services. A separate email campaign can cultivate new patients by providing them with useful information… building trust and confidence in your chiropractic practice.

  7. Mind your Google My Business

  8. Check your GMB listing regularly. Update it with office hours changes, new services, photos, and more. If you have a blog, post the link to it on your GMB account. Especially pay attention to reviews, thank people for good reviews, and address – or politely refutenegative reviews.

  9. Add patient testimonials

  10. Testimonials provide “social proof” that is invaluable. Even better – create video testimonials. Being able to see a real person say good things about your chiropractic office (and your treatments) carries even more weight. Written testimonials might be faked. Video testimonials feel more real and reliable.

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