TikTok for your business

3 Tips for Using TikTok for Business

You might be wondering… why is TikTok so popular? It’s simple. In a world filled with increased professionalism behind every video to make social media posts appear more like mini movies… a lot of people are missing that real and raw feel that social media used to have.

TikTok is refreshing since it is real people shooting quick videos on their cell phones to show the gritty snapshots of their lives. It’s fun and entertaining.

Love it or hate it, TikTok is the perfect place for your business to reach a potential audience of millions. From starting off as an app that many people were weary of – and claiming it as a “Gen-Z powerhouse app” – to now being known as the most popular app with millions of users from all walks of life and generations, it’s safe to say that anyone and everyone should be taking advantage. We want to share our top tips for using TikTok for business to help your company potentially “go viral”.

Our Top Tips for Success:

  1. Throw What You Know Out The Window
  2. If you want to truly engage your audience, you need to think about TikTok much differently than your standard platform. The way to reel people in on TikTok is by (simply put) creating TikToks… and NOT ads.

    Think of TikTok as a different language. If you’re not speaking it correctly or with the right dialect, then you won’t be able to hold a conversation. Have a goal that you want to achieve and then use TikTok’s ever changing culture to work toward that goal.

    Hop on trends, be carefree and funny, show behind the scenes, and have fun. Some companies who have taken this approach head on and have been successful have been Duolingo, McDonalds, and Scrub Daddy.

  3. Hook In Your Viewers Quickly
  4. If you’ve been on TikTok, you know how easy it is to keep scrolling up, up, and away past anything that doesn’t seem interesting. This is why it’s important to hook people in at the very beginning of your video.

    Make sure to make your point clearly & directly by asking a question that leads people wanting more. Quick facts give people a bit of brain satisfaction and scratch that itch of wanting to learn something new among all the baby and dog videos.

    Extra tip: Take advantage of popular filters or music to show your audience you’re well-seasoned and have more to offer. By adding viral sounds to your video – even if they are on low – your video will be picked up by the algorithm and be shown to a wider audience.

  5. Don’t Assume People Won’t Care
  6. You would be surprised about what people find interesting. A great trick to getting more eyes on your business is by showing anything and everything you can. The behind the scenes and the “ins-and-outs” of what you do. It shows transparency, authenticity, and realness separating you from the business world.

    We know, it sounds contrary to what is ‘normal’. But remember, TikTok is a different language. Many small businesses have gone this route on TikTok, and let’s just say the results were incredible. Not only will it beef up the amount of content you have, but it might spark a lot more interest than you thought.

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